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About Us

Sandra Trumble

Board Certified Patient Advocate


After many years of being a patient in a dysfunctional healthcare system, I wanted to know how and why these organizations lost the CARE in healthcare.  Being bounced from doctors to other doctors and so on, I was so upset at the lack of consideration for what the system puts a patient through.  I learned how to scrutinize, reduce and negotiate my medical bills.  Watching friends, family members and strangers become overwhelmed, confused and frustrated too, I realized it had nothing to do with experience or intelligence.  This system isn't user friendly or efficient.  I became determined to understand and figure out why Healthcare lost the "CARE" and soon learned I needed to work inside the system.

I took mental notes all along the way, always wanting to understand the big picture and how each puzzle pieces fit together.  Moving through the ranks, I ended up working side by side with doctors, nurses and other staff in emergency departments, primary care and specialty clinics. Learning as much about the systems as possible, I began to understand that it's not that these people that didn't care.  It's the Insurance Companies and the Pharmaceutical Corporations, large systems of Managed Care and Lobbyists that make these systems dysfunctional.


All those the healthcare workers that I came into contact with were equally as frustrated as I was (and continue to be). I asked what must have seemed as like bizarre questions every chance I had. I decided I needed more information and earned a Master's in Healthcare Administration.  Through this and continued efforts to un-complicate these institutions for others, I have found my calling!

I am honored by each and every person who allows me to work with them in this way.

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