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Frequently Asked Questions

Does insurance cover adovcate services?

Unfortunately insurance companies have yet to add these services to their plans.  Advocacy services are private pay.

What are the benefits of having a Patient Advocate?

Being a patient in today's United States Healthcare system is confusing, frustrating, inefficient and expensive.


We work closely with you to help you understand your situation, choices & rights. We want you to feel empowered in a system that makes you feel vulnerable! We work as a communication liaison with your providers, insurers and family. Where you are the boss!

● Our work has saved people from over testing and increased costs

● We save you time, by helping you determine the best course of treatment without numerous doctor appointments.

● We lower the risk of fatal or sickly errors caused by healthcare miscommunication.

● We lower family friction by providing, with your permission and direction, comprehensive & consistent communication.


By allowing family members to ask US the questions it lowers your stress and improves your health!

Why pay for a private Patient Advocate when hospitals & doctors offices provide help?

It's important to remember who pays these people.  Yes Navigators and Patient Coordinators and other titles can be very helpful and they are paid by the companies to refer you into their own providers.  Patient Advocates work soley for you without outside influences or other allegiances.

What are the cost of advocacy services?

Patient Advocate services can range from $95- $200 per hour, amongst advocates across the country.

Are all Patient Advocates the same?

No they are not.  Patient Advocates may specialize in certain areas such as; navigation, care management, nursing , medical billing and even physicians act as private patient advocates.  It's important to discern the differences because you may be paying more for a physician advocate who is helping  you navigate, when a Patient Advocate who specializes in navigation of the healthcare system, may charge much less.  

Are all Patient Advocates trained or certified?

At this time there are no specific requirments to be a Patient Advocate.  However, those advocates that are members of the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, listed in their directory are vetted as true professionals.  Currently a new certification exam is being developed but is not recognized as a national requirement.  It's crucial that you know your hired advocates background and understand exactly what you need and are paying proportionately.

Alliance of Professional Heathcare Advocates
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