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Our Services

Whether you are a caregiver, guardian or patient, we help families understand and manage the care of a loved one. We act as a communication liaison between patients and their families, providers and insurers.

When you can't be there WE CAN!

Reaching a Deal


We will interpret, explain, protect, promote and provide information and support for the following:

Medical / Navigational Advocacy

We attend appointments with you or your loved one and assure care quality and patient understanding.

Medical Billing Advocacy

We can review medical bills for errors and appeal insurance denials.  In addition, in effort to lower your cost, we assist in negotiation of you billing obligations.

Insurance Related Advocacy

We assist in insurance enrollment and choosing the best plan for your budget and coverage.


Mediation between Family Members as related to the Client's Healthcare Goals and Outcomes

We communicate with family members/caregivers regarding medical appointments, treatments and other issues important to the patient to enhance care and only the information our client instructs us to share.


Coordinate Communications between Providers

We assist with medication communication, making sure physicians are aware of prescribed medications, that the patient understands his/her prescription and make sure all the patient's medical providers have the same information.


Medical Record Maintenance

We provide the patient/guardian with a notebook of important health records, current medications, allergies & reactions along with past testing reports (labs, x-rays, MRIs, CTs etc.) 


Medication Tracking

We help track medications and help our clients/ patients develop a practice of when and how to take their medication.


End-of-Life Planning

Helping patients/clients have those difficult conversations with their families to ensure their wishes are honored. Empowering patients with the ability to make their choices about their deaths and after-life care planning (funeral services, plot, cremation, etc.).


Transitional Housing Placement

We research the area and provide you with the best options.


Research Healthcare Providers and Diagnoses

We research diagnoses, treatment options, second opinions to enable patients and families to make well-informed decisions.


Represent You and your Loved One when Hospitalized

When contracted as such, we can meet patients/clients at the hospital Emergency Room when a family member is out of town or unavailable to assure they receive appropriate care and timely attention.

Sandra Trumble of urHealth Advocate accompanied me to and assisted me with a medical appointment I had in the neurosurgical/interventional radiology department at St. Anthony’s Hospital, Lakewood Colorado in January of 2018. Sandra was tremendous. Because of a profound hearing loss bilaterally, I depended on Sandra to decipher after care information given to me by my physician, ask pertinent questions directed by me to my Doctor about my prognosis and just BE THERE physically and emotionally when needed. Thank you Sandra, you are the best!

Deborah B.

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