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Committed to Promoting the Health, Safety, and Rights of the Client

Our Goal is to Inform and Empower You!

Respect, Compassion and Care

As your advocate, it’s important that our clients are informed of their rights, responsibilities and entitled benefits provided through the insurance companies. We maintain your privacy and confidentiality at all times.

Holding Hands

Working within Professional Boundaries

We encourage client/patient values and belief systems as the foundation for decision-making. We will help in medical decision-making; and at no time, will we make decisions about health, medical care or payment for medical services on your behalf. 



We will disclose to clients our credentials, experience, pricing structure, and any financial relationships held with other professionals, businesses or institutions.



Professional Medical Advice

We work with you and your healthcare providers to clarify any confusing or complicated terminology, processes and procedures. In our work, we focus on how to help: patients, families and their caregivers. Our assistance should never be used in lieu of medical advice.


We never refuse to work with someone due to that person’s race, religion, culture, gender, or sexual preference.

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This service was of great assistance while my 7 year old was in the hospital with pneumonia. It's incredibly valuable to have someone on your side, who understands the medical system, to help make decisions during what is a very concerning and stressful time. Our advocate was knowledgeable, professional and caring. Thank you!!!

Ashley M.

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