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Practicalities in the time of COVID19-Are you ready?

Are you ready to be sick? It's a horrible thing to consider and quite frightening. However, it is necessary to think about it. What if you are hospitalized and intubated? You will want your Providers to have the information they need to treat you if you are unable to speak for yourself.

As we know, no one can accompany you, you will need many items listed to give to the Emergency crew and doctors. If you want your wishes met you need create a document with the following items so that your medical care team have all the information they need to care for you.

Such as:

  • Name and Date of Birth

  • Primary & Specialist Doctors

  • Current & Chronic Health Issues

  • Allergies

  • Medications

  • Emergency Contacts

  • Insurance

  • Advanced Directives completed specifically for CoVid19

  • End of Life Orders

  • Religious or Spiritual Preferences

  • Make sure you have your phone with access to your preferred Video Chat app

Having these items can literally save your life. This will ensure: your loved ones will be contacted and informed, wishes will be met and that you get proper medical attention without medical mistakes.

God forbid, if medical rationing occurs (meaning doctors have to decide who gets a ventilator if they are limited) it would be useful for the doctors to know a little about you. For instance, are you a single mom with 3 kids? Maybe you are the only caretaker for an adult child with disabilites. Write a little Bio to let them know who you are.

Be Well & Stay Well,

urHealthcare Advocate

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